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There are several ways to "follow me"

  • you can click the "follow by email" button on the main 
when you do this you will get an email immediately when I post something.  BE WARNED - when I am at the CTMH convention this summer that will be UBER FREQUENTLY.

  • You can choose to "follow on Bloglovin" Follow on Bloglovin
this one is my personal choice because I follow MANY blogs and by using Bloglovin I only get ONE EMAIL DAILY with a recap of everyone that has posted something new that day.

  • I would love for you to  Follow Me on Pinterest
Most Importantly, EVEN IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW ME IN ANY OTHER WAY.  I send out newsletters about 2 times a month these will be short and sweet and are basically just recaps of what is going on with CTMH, last minute reminders about specials, and updates on classes I am offering.  PLEASE USE THE FORM BELOW TO SIGN UP IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY RECEIVING NEWSLETTERS FROM "The Crafty Lady"
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