Monday, December 21, 2015

Stamp of Approval Card Contest

 Happy Holidays Everyone!  I was able to carve out a bit of crafty time over the last month or so.  I participated in a Christmas card challenge at Stamp Nation.  

Catherine Pooler is having a contest for the cards that were made using the Holiday Magic Stamp of Approval Collection (which I was lucky enough to get).  The prize is to win the next SOA box....PLEASE HELP ME WIN!!!

I have linked up 3 different get 3 votes!......If you have a moment PLEASE follow this VOTE HERE link and vote for my cards.

#42 Sugared Candy Canes (this one is in the lead...and my most likely candidate to win me the prize....PLEASE vote to keep it in the lead!)

 #43 Holiday Magic

#44 Bokeh Meets Charlie Brown's Tree

You vote by clicking on the heart on the upper right corner of the card of your choice (you get to vote for 3)

follow this for #42 #43 and #44 PLEASE 

In the event of a broken link this is the full address

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