Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Niece's Wedding Book

My Niece met her future husband through playing soccer.  I designed this page when I found out that they took their engagement pictures wearing their soccer uniforms
The Proposal Layout - Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture after putting the finishing touches on and COMPLETELY forgot to get a picture of the right page.  There is a flip flip on this page so the bride can  journal the details

This is a "to-be-assembled" page with several tags about the planning details included with coordinating numbers

This is a double page layout with a 1/2 page added in the middle which acts as a divider between the two showers

Close up of the slit made in the page protector to add the invitation
This shows the shower layout with the 1/2 page open. This right page also has a 6x12 flap on the right which opens to show a Burch Family tradition
This layout includes a 1/2 page that acts as a divider between the two parties.
Bachelorette Party side of the "Parties" layout

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