Monday, September 2, 2013

CTMH Holiday Mini Sneak Peek

Hey there all you "Crafty Ladies"  as many of you have already seen, the current Autumn/Winter CTMH catalog doesn't have a Christmas paper pack!!!  I know.....I was shocked and dismayed too.  Close To My Heart has decided to do something a little different (and controversial) this year.  The Christmas themed paper pack will be released (along with more lots of Christmas themed goodies and a few Spring/Summer 2014 pre-view items) in a mini holiday book. is the kicker (and there always is one....right?) You can't place your orders until October 15th!!! 

 As you know, it takes at least a week for things to make their way from Utah to Texas soooo......we are going to have to plan this one CAREFULLY.....Here is the plan thus far.

YOU:  take a look at the sneak peek below
CAROLYN:   will turn the WOTG into 3 layouts 
CAROLYN:  will create a card workshop 
( I will get to pre-order 2 of each item on Sept 26)

In early October I will begin offering at least two different workshop options along with at least one "I want it ALL" option  @ $100 each (this will get you your choice of  a free "star" item.)  Keep your eyes open.....that post will contain the pay with paypal button along with details on some goodie/ that you will only be able to get by pre-ordering from ME - Carolyn Burch.

CAROLYN: will place all pre-orders ON OCTOBER 15TH
YOU: check your calendar and book a class/workshop/gathering for anytime after October 25th.(est. arrival date)

Do you LOVE these colors?  Can't wait to get your hands on it?  Leave me a note telling me what you would like to create in a workshop using the "Sparkle and Shine" paper pack.

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