Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The "Secrets" to using ARTBOOKING

Well, I have had ARTBOOKING for a little over a month now.  I STILL have not REALLY played with it yet, just TOO MUCH going on.  But, now that so many of YOU actually have ARTBOOKING in your hands I thought I should pass along what I have learned thus far.  Some of this I have learned through trial and error, some I have learned by reading the CTMH consultant bulletin boards.

The one BIG THING to keep in mind is this:
ALL ARTBOOKING designs are linked so you don't have to guess the size to cut your title or icons.  If you are creating a 12x12 layout it will have 11" next to the main overlay.  This means SET YOUR CRICUT to 11" and LEAVE IT THERE!!!!  Each item on that page will then cut proportiaonately so it looks nice on the page....with NO WASTED PAPER.

ARTBOOKING is designed to make perfect pages based on the designs shown in the ARTBOOKING booklet. so when you set your size without using real dial size... it is looking at the size as the "final page size" so 4 inches means your layout is 4 inches and since all the images are linked... it will cut your icon so it fits a 4 inch completed layout. 

What if I want to cut a 6" mini book instead?  Go right ahead....just set the dial to 6" AND LEAVE IT THERE!  Just keep in mind that the coordinating title and other icons will cut out proportionately....so they will be SMALL!

What if I want the cat icon on page 54 to be a true 6"?  If you want any of the icons in a specific size then you need to push "real dial size" and set your Cricut to 6" then cut your cat icon and be done (keeping in mind that the measurements are vertical) 

so if you aren't creating a layout in the booklet and are making your own thing... use "real dial size". 

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