Sunday, May 12, 2013

Sending Love on Mother's Day

 I sit here curled up with my cup of coffee in the early hours of this Sunday morning.  This is nothing different, I'm an early riser and my family are NOT!  I genuinely enjoy this quite time with just me and Kiki the dog 
(no, Kiki you can NOT drink from my coffee cup!)

First up this morning I pull up bloglovin' and catch up on what all my favorite bloggers have been posting.  
OH!  that's right it's Mother's Day, "Need to call Mom, but it's still WAY too early".

You see, 16 years ago I was blessed to bring a baby girl home from the hospital ON MOTHER'S DAY SUNDAY.  
On that Sunday afternoon I brought home this bundle (dressed in yellow gymboree) and
 "I loved her, and cuddled her, and hugged her, and I called her George"
just kidding, I called her MADISON
and since that day "Mother's Day" has kinda taken a back seat to celebrating MADISON....
even when her birthday doesn't land ON that Sunday we usually end up celebrating on the weekend rather than on the weekday...and THAT is just perfect with me.

Then I go to link up with my favorite Sunday morning linky party at Cuddlebug Cuties....
hmmm nothing up yet.  So, I swing by Sew Crafty Angel's and decide to link up with her everything
 goes party from earlier in the week.  THAT is where I discovered
After linking up there I went off to explore some of the other blogs and stumbled upon  I must say it was the title that made me visit,
 but her May 10th blog entry "Stop All The Clocks" left me in tears and longing to reach out to 
my mama, my sister, my dearest friends.....
well just EVERYONE that has touched my life & my heart and to
LET THEM KNOW just how very much the mean to me! 

Still too early for phone calls so I came here to write up this post because all of you, my growing audience of blog followers.  
I want YOU to know how much you mean to me.  
This blog began as  I was searching for "my next door in life" when my world fell out from under me 
(ok, it was a chair....but it DID turn my world upside down and start me on a new path).  
Today finds me with barely a foot in "that door" but I am slowly inching it open a bit more each day....
I can reach hand through and wave wildly....and I can peek through to the other side....
WOW!  more "forks in the road".


  1. Just found your link on Pimp-Out/Showcase and wanted to swing by to check out your blog! Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Nadia, it is so nice to have you stop by. I was very impressed with your blog. The poem in your header really caught my eye. AND THEN I saw the one about the universe opening doors on your side bar....well....I added THAT poem to MY header because it so PERFECTLY tells exactly why I started this blogging thing....THANK YOU FOR THE INSPIRATION
      Carolyn @

  2. I am so very glad you stumbled upon us...... Thank you for the honorable mention above. Great way to start my webrowsing. Happy Mother's Day to you!!!!
    If you should want to be showcased, please let me know. It's FREE!!! hehe!
    xx xo,

    1. I had a wonderful day of happy bloggy accidents. I have now added your button to my "Linky Parties" page. I've never been "showcased", I just discovered linky parties a couple of months ago, but I am VERY interested :-)
      Carolyn @

  3. Hi Dear Lady
    We love you too. So glad we got to know you.
    Angel @ Sew Crafty Angel

    1. Hi Angel! Thanks for stopping by....hope you had Mother's Day full of love. I am enjoying this linky party think immensely....if it weren't for you and Anna who knows when or if I would have discovered them THANK YOU!
      Carolyn @

  4. Deezy Does It sent me over and WOW thank you SO MUCH for this beautiful shout- out!!!! You just made my day even sweeter! I hope you are having a blessed day with your adorable Madison as well. Your site is so cute---I'm joining up now! XOXO

  5. Belated Happy Mothers Day. It was Mothers day here in Australia yesterday and also my daughter's birthday. She was born 12 May 41 years ago.
    Have a good week

    1. I hope you had a wonderful day full of love and celebration. My Madison has been my "easiest" of my three so far....could be because she is the middle child? I like to think it is more that bringing her home on that mother's day in 1997 was my gift....and she instinctively knew that as my gift she should be sweet, and kind, and thoughtful, and "easy"....LOL
      Carolyn @

  6. Forgot to say I came over from Cuddlebug Cuties.


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