Friday, April 19, 2013

Just WHAT is a "Linky Party"

While discovering the amazing talent of Anna Stillwell one Sunday afternoon I was introduced to the idea of "Linky Parties".

I had heard of and done several blog hops but had never quite figured out how to be a part of one.  Joining the "Linky Party" was just SOOO easy....literally just link your site/post to the party and then go visit others that have linked in.

Just like that I was off in bloggy world getting inspired to

  • be more crafty
  • to get organized
  • to be a better blogger
  • to be a better more inspired cook, filling my pinterest recipe board  

I quickly discovered that by leaving "some love" (commenting) on the blogs I was visiting THEY WOULD VISIT ME BACK! (AND they would often let you know they had been to visit by "leaving you some love" back (commenting).

These are the "parties" I have participated far (I am SURE there will be more to come). I have created a "Linky Party" page where I will put clickable links to the "parties" I have discovered and would LOVE it if you come play along!


  1. Thanks for popping in! Look forward to finding out what you think about those delish potatoes.

    1. Oh Patti! They do indeed look delish....sadly though I am going to have to wait to have them on a special occasion. I have gone back on my low carb eating plan (I lost 35lbs last year after a diabetic scare). Went to put what had become a LOOSE pair of old jeans on and they weren't so loose anymore (I think I have gained back about 8lbs....need to get that scale going in the other direction and THEN I will treat myself :-)
      Carolyn @

  2. I discovered linky parties recently too and it has been very inspiring. I am commenting more, following more people, and I've been baking and crafting more too. Pretty neat! :)

  3. Hi Carolyn. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I join in the Cuddlebug Cuties Linky party and the Sew Crafty Linky party when I can. I try to leave a comment on some of the other people who join in but often run out of tim.


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