Sunday, April 21, 2013

I'm GOING to CTMH Convention 2013!!!!!!!

This year's convention is at  Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Florida and

Last year was my first time to attend a CTMH was in Dallas so getting the "thumbs up" from the hubby wasn't a problem.  When they announced at the Dallas closing ceremonies that the 2013 convention would be in Florida I immediately thought "hmmm....this is going to be a tough one to get past him"...but I had hope....

Then LIFE HAPPENED in 2012.  With my being out of work since last August, and STILL dealing with health/mobility issues, I had ABSOLUTELY NO plans or even dreams of getting to go this year.  I was making my plans to grab a cup of coffee (or 2), get comfy on the couch, and follow the excitement via blog & twitter feeds (yep I was going to figure out the whole twitter thing).

Then last Sunday I went to my upline's house for a consultant meeting.  I was more or less tuning out the excited conversations about planning for convention.....

WAIT!!!....driving??? Did I just hear that y'all are DRIVING?????
Debbie (my upline) laughed and said something like "I was hoping that MIGHT change things for you". was STILL not an "easy sell" on the home front.  I took a LOT of flak from the hubby and my 2 teenage girls....

  • Them:  "You're going to DISNEY without us????"
  • Me:  "I'm NOT going to Disney, just to a hotel NEAR Disney"
  • Them:  "You're going on vacation without us?"
  • Me:  "No, it's a business convention"
  • Them:  "Yeah, RIGHT!"
  • Me:  silence (I OCCASIONALLY know when to keep my mouth SHUT
  • Hubby:  "It's a WEEK doing what you love most AT a LUXURY's a vacation"
  • Me:  silence (while come-backs like "YOU get to do what you love most ~golf~  EVERYDAY) flitted in and out of my mind....but I kept my mouth SHUT :-)
  • Them:  "Fine, if you leave us you shall be SHUNNED!  They name shall be "Shunnie"
  • Me:  "I can live with that"
  • Hubby:  "Shunnie, Shunnie, Shunnie" in a fun sing-song way (He's cute like that)
  • Me:  "I love you too Honey!"
  • Girls:  "Shunnie, Shunnie, Shunnie" in a not so fun or sweet way
  • Me:  "Fine, I'll just go cry on Mickey's shoulder"  yep....should have continued to keep my mouth shut!
Guess What?
I'm Going to CTMH Convention 2013 IN FLORIDA!!!!!

It's not too late for you to join me AKA "Shunnie", "Honey", "Atilla The Mom" (the 14 yr old let that one fly), "Carolyn", "The Crafty Lady".

If you sign up as a consultant NOW you get to take advantage of the  $49 CTMH Consultant Sign Up Special (and get FOUR FREE Stamp sets) deadline 4/31/2013
 AND you can sign up to go to the 2013 convention!!! deadline 5/1/2013

For all of you can't join me but want to follow along with the exciting happenings in Florida
I will be doing a daily recap here on this blog (and of course everything leading UP TO the big event)

What do YOU think?  Would you rather get up to the second updates via twitter, nightly blog updates or BOTH? 

PLEASE leave me a comment with YOUR choice!


  1. this is such a good made me smile today first with your comment on my blog and when I came here to know you a little better, this post made my day!!Women have to face the same issues everywhere....and i think that also make blogging so much fun for the community feel it generates!! Happy to connect thanks to Cuddlebug Cuties Sunday Linky Party :)

    1. Suman, thank you so much for stopping by. I too am enjoying getting to know everyone in my "blog world". I am looking forward to "seeing" you again :-)

  2. hi carolyn - thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment :0)
    i hope u have a wonderful time at the cmth convention - michelle

  3. Replies
    1. Smith, I would LOVE it if you would leave me your blog address so I can return the visit :-)

  4. Now that was a GOOD relay of conversation to us -- oh, how I remember the tween/teen guilt trips of long ago. (Now they give me adult guilt trips - worse!)
    Enjoy yourself - thank you for visiting my blog!!!
    I hang out more on blogs rather than Twitter (unless you are a well known girl rock band from the 70s).
    Much aloha,

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  6. Hi Carolyn,

    I love your write up of the conversation with your family. So funny. :P I like your blog. Hope you have a good time at the convention. Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

    Sara xx (

  7. Thank YOU Sara! I briefly considered sharing that post with them before hitting publish but I thought better of it....they already fancy themselves to be quite the budding comedians :-) Hope you are having a wonderfully crafty birthday (I will be stopping by later to see the rest of you artwork.


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