Monday, April 29, 2013

Dotty 4 You - Year In Review

WOW!  I can't believe an entire year has slipped away.  It really is true that the older you get the faster time goes by....Ahhh for those school days when I thought "summer/prom/graduation etc... will NEVER get here"!

This time last year

  •  I was still working as a car salesman...well kinda (I was working in the internet department due to the injuries.)
  • I was VERY MUCH "just a CTMH hobbyist"
  • I was excitedly getting ready for my first CTMH convention (in Dallas)
  • I was determined that I would get my CTMH Phd pin BEFORE convention
  • The "Dotty 4 You" National Scrapbooking Campaign had just been announced

While working my way through the soon to be extinct CTMH Phd classes (hopefully they will come up with something even better). Something caught my attention, it said "You never know....just SHOW your CTMH idea book to someone, they MIGHT be more interested than you could ever imagine".  I had been working with all men at the dealership for so long (and they generally just rolled their eyes at "The Car Lady and her little hobby").  

Well, the "next door" in my life opened just a crack the next day when I took an idea book to work to show the internet ladies.  These ladies were just as smitten as I was with "Dotty 4 You".  They all placed enough orders to get at least 3 or 4 packs EACH!  

That is when the idea for a 26 page Year In Review album began to develop.  It wasn't the first time I had attempted something on this scale but this time I was committing to taking SIX ladies along with me, and THREE of them were so new at scrapping they didn't even know how to use a paper trimmer!!! 

YIKES!  what a this year....
  • I no longer work at the dealership (still dealing daily with mobility issues & pain from the injuries)
  • That group of  non-scrappers have become my friends (and my very first group of "Crafty Ladies") 
  • We are getting VERY close to ALL having FINISHED "Dotty 4 You - Year In Review" albums
  • I am excitedly getting ready for my 2nd CTMH convention (in Florida)
  • The "Dream Pop" National Scrapbooking Campaign has just been announced
  • My "Crafty Ladies" have requested that we do ANOTHER big project with "Dream Pop"
To See what I have cooked up for "Dream Pop" CLICK HERE
This is the cover page  - To see more of our "Dotty 4 You - Year In Review" album CLICK HERE

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