Monday, April 1, 2013

AWESOME April Special

Join My Team during the month of APRIL and you'll get an awesome deal.  Not only do you get the Essentials Consultant Kit with a retail value of $155, during the month of April you also get 4 FREE SOTM (Stamp of the Month) Stamp Sets (each with a value of $17.95).  That is a shopping $226 value!!!  So, how's that for AWESOME?

Click on the picture to see a full list of contents

That's a ton of stuff, right?  
But WAIT....That's not all folks....
If you sign up in April you also get these 4 SOTM stamps sets for FREE!

April: My Sunshine My Acrylix Stamp Set
May: Pinwheels My Acrylix Stamp Set
June: A Flowering Bunch My Acrylix Stamp Set
July: Sweet Life My Acrylix Stamp Set

There is more info HERE and FAQ's HERE about being a Close To My Heart Independent Consultant 

Just a little FYI,  several years ago I met Debbie Sims at a retreat.  Debbie introduced me to CTMH products.   I loved how everything MATCHED, and quickly became a huge fan of both CTMH & Debbie.  But I insisted that I would NEVER STAMP ANYTHING!   That evolved into "Well, I will stamp....but only under Debbie's supervision".   Today I can rarely be found without ink-stained fingers! 

After 2 years of being one of Debbie's best customers the "car salesman" in me decided that it made more $ense to sign up as a consultant.  My plans went no farther than being a hobbyist and using my discount to buy EVEN MORE of the products that I loved (I was after all working 12+ hours a day in car sales at that time). I let Debbie know this right off the bat, and she continued to welcome me to any and all of her workshops, groups and retreats.   During this time I became more aware of Debbie's growing team and business as I watched and cheered her on as she earned and went on her first CTMH cruise & was wined and dined on leadership day at the 2011 CTMH convention in Washington D.C.  When they announced that 2012 CTMH convention was going to be in DALLAS!!!  I was all in.
As the excitement built leading up to the Dallas convention I decided that I should have my CTMH PhD (ok, I really wanted the shiny PhD Certified Pin) .  I started watching the training videos as if I were a brand new recruit.  I quickly made my way through them, at first barely paying attention (I had already been with CTMH for 3 years AND the sales videos were nothing new to me having been in car sales for 7 years)., keep in mind that at this point I was my ONLY CUSTOMER....Something clicked during one of those videos about "how to get customers" it said to not worry about "how expensive it is, or trying to get them to have a party,or anything...." simply hand someone an idea book and say "You know I scrapbook, well THIS is CTMH, I love their stuff so much that I signed up to sell it".  Well, I did that the very next day.  The 2 ladies that were sharing my one book asked if they could keep it the next day they had both handed me orders and wanted to form a hostess group!

As many of you know, I lost my job in car sales this past August due to an injury.  Scrapbooking has always been a much loved hobby for me but the idea that I MIGHT be able to make a living doing it has a strong appeal indeed. 
 I am excited to invite YOU to join MY CTMH team . 

I am happy to say that "MY TEAM" ("we" don't have a name YET) will be part of an awesome legacy of CTMH teams.   
  • Debbie Sims - Texas Bluebonnet Scrappers (my direct upline, will be your "grandmother")
  • Tina Sutton - Scattered Hearts (Debbie's upline, will be your "great-grandmother")
  • Bren Yule - Paper Cupcakes (Tina's upline, will be your "great-great-grandmother')

I know these amazing women will be there every step of the way as I strive to attain my new goals.

Just know there are no obligations to sell. So if you want to just get an awesome deal on products for yourself and then get a discount on all your CTMH purchases... that is totally fine. Or if you want to be a business builder, have parties/workshops, sell online, have the opportunity to earn all expense paid trips... that is awesome too.  I'd LOVE to have you join my team!  Either way, I will be readily available to help out with any questions you might have, everything from understanding commissions to placing an order.

So, are you ready to take advantage of this awesome offer?  Starting Monday, April 1st you can CLICK HERE to join my team!


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